Customer Service Adviser/Service Desk Analyst

Job Mission:


To provide client specific product/software support to dealers/consumers/customers. Handle related problems encountered in order of priority and within the optimum time scale, in accordance with procedures and project SLA’s.


Key Responsibilities:


  • To ensure 1st level support service to resolve problems encountered by external customers; this can mean:
  • Analysing support request sent by the customer by calls, mail, web submit, chat, social media
  • Examining all problems; evaluating complexity, impact and priority and documenting all info in the relevant tools.
  • Giving required support, efficiently and effectively and in accordance with priority, impact and SLA’s.
  • Escalating problems according to procedures;
  • Ensuring follow-up of all issues: documenting and fill in internal and customer’s CRM systems appropriately.
  • Taking decision regarding open tickets, providing feedback on the root cause where applicable, appropriate solutions as available to the user.
  • Managing and reporting resolved problem.


  • To participate as a team member to achieve established project objectives, inter alia by:
    • Working in close collaboration with colleagues to ensure that service delivery to the customer is of the highest standard, offering support to colleagues.
    • Working in accordance with Euroanswer quality standards, procedures and work instructions.
    • Reporting on progress, issues and problems to the supervisor; giving suggestions to optimise service offered and work processes.
    • Study and participate in activities to improve knowledge of project ‘s specific software and/or products.
  • Working efficiently and effectively in line with established individual objectives represented by the scorecard.




Competence Profile:


Required Professional Competencies:


  • Technical skills: Works with Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, OS), Is familiar with internet, works in accordance with procedures and ticketing systems.
  • Planning and organizing: orchestrates and implements clear, efficient and logical approach to work and manages assignments, objectives and time; gives priority to service-affecting problems.
  • Attention to detail: ensures quality in work delivered; has a critical eye on his work.
  • Analysis: pin points problems and tackles them in a logical, step-by-step way.
  • Problem solving: Compares and relates data from different sources and identifies key issues and trends with a view to resolve customer problems.; questions in a persevering manner to discover underlying issues until the failure or problem is clear; is direct and assertive.


Required Interactive skills:


  • Customer focus: understands the needs, requests, problems and priorities of customers, responds immediately to their needs. Works to build a positive customer experience.
  • Team orientation: builds effective, co-operative relationships with colleagues; puts team goals before personal goals; responds positively to requests from others; values input and expertise of colleagues, readily steps in to help others, participates actively in team discussions and activities, deals with diversity.
  • Oral and Written Communication: proven telephone and listening skills; questions in a persevering manner to discover underlying needs until the customer message is clear; deals with complaints; is direct and assertive. Communicates appropriate, concise and accurate information in written form; speaks fluently English beside mother tongue (and another language proficiently, depending on the project)
  • Active Listening: Uses the information collected from the customers and addresses the needs.


Required Core Competencies:


  • Results orientation: focuses on targets, quality and deadlines.
  • Creativity/Innovation: has the ability to come with new ideas, seizes opportunities, thinks “out of the box”.
  • Behavioral flexibility: embraces change and has the ability to maintain efficiency in a changing environment and within a variety of dynamic work situations.
  • Tolerance for Stress: maintains control and performance in stressful situations; stays calm when problems arise, avoids letting day-to-day pressure affect them, does not take rejection personally, stays positive, puts problems behind once solved.
  • Self-starter: acts in a proactive way in anticipating issues and goes above and beyond what is expected from them, shows confidence and believes in their own capacity to achieve results and tackle problems.
  • Ethics and Integrity: “walks the talk”, abides by business conduct guidelines and ethics; deals appropriately with confidential data.
  • Exploring: appraises own strengths and weaknesses; has the willingness to develop their own skills, knowledge and behaviour through on-the-job experiences and feedback from others.
  • Respect for the individual: demonstrates respect towards other team members, internal and external customers.
  • Work Standards – Excellence: sets high goals or standards of performance for them and the organization. Is dissatisfied with average performance.