Senior Elixir Developer

NES is an automated e-commerce system that handles incoming orders from multiple e-commerce platforms, process the orders, then performs order operations on other online marketplaces like AliExpress. The system automatically crawls marketplaces and groups similar products and decides which product is the best to order (best price/delivery). The system also: monitors orders and sends out shipping events to other systems, handles marketing operations, integrates with support software.

We're looking for an experienced Elixir developer with experience with both front-end and back-end code.

Some technologies that we use:
- Webpack
- React & Angular
- Puppeteer (would be a benefit)
- GraphQL with Apollo (server and client)
- Docker
- Kubernetes
- Typescript

It would be great if you also have experience with the following:
- PHP, since a large part of the system, is written in PHP
- Shopify, we use Shopify to host the frontend
- Scraping, we use Puppeteer to scrape sites
- Browser fingerprinting, we constantly look for ways to avoid being detected as a bot